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We specialize in edge-to-edge machine quilting using a computerized Gammill Statler Stitcher.  We know a lot of hard work goes into finishing a quality quilt top so our number one goal is to make your finished quilt look great. We thank you for the opportunity to complete your work of art!

Quilt Preparation

To assure a quality finished product and minimize your cost, please follow these basic guidelines.

  • Press all seams flat and trim threads from your quilt top
  • Make sure the quilt is pressed and lays flat to prevent puckering
  • Square-up and trim quilt top to its final size--measuring the same amount in 3 places in both directions.  
  • Measure and press backing fabric---it should measure 6-8 inches larger than your top (3-4" on all sides)
  • We prefer Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting.  You may substitute with your own batting, but we reserve the right to refuse any batting that is of lesser quality.  

Price List

Our prices are based on the complexity of the quilt pattern. The more detailed the pattern, the more time and thread is used to complete the project.  Please see samples in our shop for your choices. 
Simple Pattern  $.015/sq. inch How to estimate the cost of your quilting service...

Multiply the length by the width.  This number equals the total square inches of your quilt.  Multiply that number by the price per square inch (based on the complexity of the pattern.  

Example for a nice lap size quilt 60" X 72"  

60 x 72 = 4,320 (total square inches).

4,320 X .015 (simple pattern) = $64.80
4,320 X .017 (moderate pattern) = $73.44
4,320 X .02 (complex pattern) = $86.40

Batting is additional based on the smallest side plus 6" for the quilting/shifting process.  It is charged by linear inch.  In the above example it would be 66" x .30 = $19.80.

Moderate Pattern  $.017/sq. inch
Complex Pattern  $.020/sq. inch
Batting (any width)  $.30 per inch
Attach Binding (plus fabric)  $.25 per inch
Hand Stitched Binding (plus fabric)  $.35 per inch
Seaming (per seam)  $10.00
Minimum Charge Per Quilt (quilting only) $45.00


The long arm machine is a moving piece of equipment.  On some occasions we may experience a malfunction which can result in damage to your quilt top.  We will take every precautions to try to prevent this from occurring.  

If you quilt does not lay flat, puckering may occur.  We will alert you if we think this will be an issue to determine if you want us to proceed.  Sometimes it may become apparent when the quilt is on the machine and we will be committed at that point to quilt it as it is.