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Event Details

2016 Row by Row Challenge

When: Feb 1, 2016
10:00 am
Where: Cut Up & Quilt!

Cut Up & Quilt!  Row by Row Design Challenge

Feb 1st - March 1st

Submit a design that meets the Row by Row criteria and fits our Cut Up & Quilt personality.  If we choose your design you'll win a $100 gift card for our shop.  It's a win-win for everyone!

Row design guidelines:

• 2016 theme: Row by Row Home Sweet Home
         Be creative and have fun with the theme!

• Design a row pattern
        Follow theme
        Row must be 36-1/2 wide (unfinished)
        Row may be no taller than 9-1/2 inches (unfinished)
Note: Your row may be horizontal or vertical, but must follow these measurements.
        Be creative! Any method is fine: pieced, appliqué, paper piecing, embroidery, etc.
        Create a pattern that we will hand out for free to anyone who comes in the store and asks for it.